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Artful Emotions

An artist’s world is a full one, one that commands a wide variety of colors and emotions.  You see, it’s the eye of the beholder who chooses what is beautiful and what is not.  The eye of the beholder determines how easily art can be formed by changing its perspective.  An artist sees that; we are not static but are dynamic in full worldly colors.  Approach things in a different way and all of a sudden beauty is born.  A miracle, one may say; no just a different mindset I say.  Happiness and beauty locked away in a myriad of choices.  Art is unique because it eliminates those chains that hold happiness and beauty in check.  Art allows free thoughts and ideas to take shape and show that inner beauty.  The choice of colors solidifies the overall emotion of art, i.e., cool dark colors for sadness, brighter colors for happiness; however, that does not take away the happiness and beauty it made the artist feel.  A different mind.  Just something to think about.